Dom spotted an ad in The Big Issue for a voluntary job in a homeless hostel for Young People, way back in 2003.

Having graduated in 2002 and spending a year working in the field of Youth Work, he felt this was an opportunity he should grab with both hands. During this time, he discovered Edinburgh Fringe Festival and his passion for Stand Up Comedy grew from here.

Twenty years later and many trips back to the Fringe, Dom decided to try Stand Up for himself in 2019 after turning the big 40.

In 2021, Dom came first place in the Frog and Bucket’s ‘Beat The Frog’ competition, gaining a place in the 2022 World Series Finals.

Dom also appeared on the line up for ‘Barrel Of Laughs’ in the summer of 2021, as part of Buxton Fringe Festival.

He also successfully gained a place in ‘So You Think You’re Funny 2022’.